Julia G. Sophy - President

Noreen O’Boyle - Vice president

Linda Stephens - Secretary and Treasurer

Board members:

Dave Kruel - Ornithologist

Patrick McKinney, County Environmental Educator 

Sue Reier, PA Master Naturalist 

Barbara Ritzheimer, PA Master naturalist 

Michael Sausser, Outdoor Enthusiast 

Frank Snyder - Forester and Arborist

Mary Timpany - Attorney

Committee Chairs:

Frog Hollow - Jane Kruse

Trails - Michael Sausser

Community Education - Sue Reier

Community Forestry - Frank Snyder

Public Outreach - Frank Snyder

Newsletter - Patrick McKinney

Easements - Linda Stephen

Membership & Sustainability - Julia Sophy

2023 Elected Board Members: Julia Sophy, Michael Sausser, Noreen O'Boyle, Linda Stephens